One-Write Cheques

One-Write Systems help ensure accounting accuracy and control by stopping multiple data entry… hence the term One-Write. Print & Cheques Now has recently acquired all of the One Write printing equipment from two of Canada’s largest One-Write Cheque printers. Datamark Systems & Accutrac Business Systems. Our plant is now set up to be able to offer a full line of one-write products.From One-write Cheques, Journals, Receipts and Peg boards we are able to keep your company functioning. We are capable of producing one-write cheques compatible with virtually any one-write system you might be using such as:-

  • One-write cheques and forms
  • Control-O-Fax ® One-write cheques and forms
  • Datamark ® One-write cheques and forms
  • Accutrac Business Systems ® One-write cheques and forms
  • Accountomatic ® One-write cheques and forms


Print & Cheques Now Inc. recognizes one-write products are still in demand in the marketplace and is fully capable of supporting existing systems as well as supplying companies that still has the need for a particular type of system that a computer program simply cannot replace.

We have positioned ourselves as a single source supplier for all compatible one-write products. We offer an complete line of compatible replacement products for the following original manufacturers*: Datamark Business Systems, Accutrac Business Systems, Interior Business Systems & Norfield.


Following are some of the available products that can be ordered.

  • Cash Disbursement (Accounts Payable) Systems
  • Cash Receipting Systems
  • Confidential Medical Patient Sign-In Systems
  • Combination Disbursement (Accounts Payable) & Payroll Systems
  • Gift Certificate Systems
  • Payroll System – Top-Write Checks
  • Small Disbursement (Accounts Payable) Systems
  • Disbursement Cheques
  • Combination Cheques

*All manufacturers’ names listed above are Registered Trademarks of the respective firms. In no way is Print & Cheques Now implying that the original manufactured products are available from Print Now.