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Laser cheques are not only ideal for Vancouver-based businesses. Even if you are only going to use this for personal purposes, it can still offer benefits that traditional or manual cheques cannot.

Print & Cheques Now Laser Cheques

  • 25% More Laser Cheques On Every Order
  • Choose From 10 Background Colours
  • Highest Cheque Security Features in Canada
  • Compatible With All Accounting Software
  • Next Day Rush Service Available
  • AIR MILES® Reward Miles on All Orders
  • 100% CPA Compliant
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25% More Laser Cheques FREE on Every Order placed with Print & Cheques Now!
*Larger Quantities Available
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Opt for laser cheques the next time you order your personal cheques for the following reasons:
  1. Laser cheques are far more secure to use compared to regular cheques.

    These laser cheques are incorporated with safety features such as passwords or security codes. Even if someone gets a hold of the cheque or even if you lose your cheque book, you don’t have to worry about it being used for unscrupulous purposes.

  2. Laser cheques do not need to be constantly updated.

    It’s such a hassle to change cheques especially when you change name or address. Women, especially, will find this very useful as it dispenses with the need for personal information. If there are instances when you need to change your address or name such as when changing marital status, you don’t have to change your cheques.

  3. Laser cheques are cheaper than you think.

    Perhaps one of the reasons why people don’t use this type of cheque for their personal use is because they think it is costly to have it printed. But ChequesNow offers a valuable and affordable solution to cheques users. The cost of printing laser cheques is cheaper if you use our services. For the same amount of money you use when buying this cheque in banks, you get 25% more laser cheques.

    Laser cheques offers no end of benefits. Laser cheques are just as useful for personal use as the traditional ones so make sure you don’t write this off of your choices. Contact ChequesNow and ask how you can get your own laser cheques.

    We have a team of experts ready to take your call and help you start designing the laser cheque you can use for a long time. All the cheques that will be delivered to you are 100% CPA compliant are manufactured from the same paper mill used by those supplying banks so you can be assured of the quality and safety of the cheques we are producing.