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We highly recommend the use of laser cheques. It trumps traditional or manual cheques when it comes to safety features. Aside from being manufactured from the paper mill also used by the suppliers of banks, laser cheques have good safety features because of their integrated password and security keys system.

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  • Choose From 10 Background Colours
  • Highest Cheque Security Features in Canada
  • Compatible With All Accounting Software
  • Next Day Rush Service Available
  • AIR MILES® Reward Miles on All Orders
  • 100% CPA Compliant
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Laser cheques can steer you away from potential fraudulence, which often happens with manual cheques. It is also a cost-effective long-term solution for secure payments. Its design and mechanisms do not require you to regularly change the cheque. So even if you change the name of your business in Toronto or move to a different address, your cheques can still be used. This is unlike the manual cheques where your business or personal details are printed out.

If you accidentally lose your cheques, you also do not have to worry about it being stolen by crooks. Unless they have access to the password or security key, the cheques won’t be of much use to them.

Contrary to popular belief, laser cheques are not expensive. We here at ChequesNow made sure it is something that you can shoulder with ease. What makes our laser cheques affordable is our printing system that allows us to print more than one cheque in one paper. We are also able to use multiple printers at the same time, thereby increasing production.

ChequesNow offers more laser cheques for the same amount of money. The number of cheques you get from your bank? We can go over that by 25% so you are getting more laser cheques in one order.

It is definitely a cost-effective solution you don’t want to miss out on. Only ChequesNow has made the production of laser cheques cheaper and more reliable. The safety features of our cheques cannot be beaten.

We also use equipments that are a member of the Cheque Printer Self Accreditation program so there is no need to have the cheques you get from us assessed and verified by your bank. Talk to our customer service representatives and ask how you can get started in designing your own laser cheques. Once you start using this, you will never go back to using manual cheques again.