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Cheques offer a lot of benefits. One of them is being able to issue payments without having to bring a lot of money. Cheques are also secure because it requires verification from the banks and identification on the person cashing out the cheque.

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Admittedly though, cheques can be a little tedious to acquire. Usually, people in Montreal will have to order it from their banks. If they’re getting it printed elsewhere, it still has to undergo verification and assessment from the banks to ensure that it has complied with CPA regulations.

But thanks to the laser cheques offered by ChequesNow, the usual problems encountered with the use of manual cheques can now be eliminated. Here is how:

  1. ChequesNow uses Canadian Payments Association Cheque Printer Self Accreditation Program.

    This program ensures that the printers we are using are approved by the CPA CPSA. That means the laser cheques we produce no longer have to be verified by the bank or submitted for further approval and testing. This is the same program that banks use to test the cheques they provide their customers. By using ChequesNow Laser Cheques, you are eliminating one process and that is to go to your bank and have your cheques assessed.

  2. Laser cheques can be ordered online.

    It’s so easy to order laser cheques from ChequesNow. Our ordering system is the most convenient in this industry. Call our experts and get started on the design you want for your cheques. Once the design has been finalized, we will proceed with the manufacturing. We will send the cheques to you so all you need to do is sit back and wait.

  3. You can re-order laser cheques from ChequesNow.

    We offer a re-ordering system that will allow you to use your old order number so we can continuously send you laser cheques. This is so convenient for busy business owners in Montreal as there is no need to constantly go to a printing company or to the bank to have laser cheques made.

    With these stellar features that you can only find in the laser cheques produced by ChequesNow, you have more time to spend on the other more important parts of your business.