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Cheque fraud is very real. A few years ago, a couple of condominium owners in Canada were swindled out of thousands of money when the treasurer of the property they live in cashed out cheques that were charged to them. What’s even more surprising is that none of those cheques were in his name. This lax in the security of the cheques is totally avoidable if only the right cheques were used.

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Your worst nightmare as a business owner in Edmonton is falling prey to cheque fraudulence. It’s scary to think how anyone can just forge your signature or change the contents of the manual cheque to cash out a huge amount of money. That could mean serious financial problems in your business.

This is why business owners in Edmonton must consider the use of laser cheques if they aren’t already. Here is how using laser cheques can benefit your business in the long run:

  1. Laser cheques can offer better security features.

    Compared to standard or manual cheques, laser cheques offer more security. ChequesNow use a special paper mill which has the fibers, chemicals and watermark that set it apart from regular paper. This is the material used to manufacture laser cheques.

    Additionally, laser cheques are incorporated with password or security key system. Only the person who was issued with the cheque is privy to these details so even if the cheque is lost or stolen, it can never be cashed out by someone else.

  2. You shouldn’t have to worry about your laser cheques being stolen or lost.

    In case you left your laser cheques or someone stole it from you, you never have to worry that it’s going to fall into the wrong hands. Without the password or security key, it won’t be much use to the person who took it.

    ChequesNow manufacture the best laser cheques. We are a member of the Cheque Printer Self Accreditation program. This gives our cheques more power as you no longer have to get it approved or assessed by a bank. This is the same program that banks use to clear cheques. We make sure all the cheques that come out of our printers are secure and well-made, giving you an edge in your business payment schemes.