Corporate Cheques

Are you looking for Corporate Cheques?

Many Medium to Large Corporations continue to use corporate cheques as a cost effective means to pay suppliers and employees. Cheques continue to offer a cost effective means of making payments while also continuing to offer a proper paper trail that Direct Deposit software doesn’t.

The two most commonly ordered types of Corporate cheques are Pre-printed cheques and Blank Cheques.

Pre-printed cheques are used most often when corporations only have one primary chequing account and perhaps one US dollar account. The benefit of pre-printed Corporate Cheques is that we help companies to ensure that the cheques we manufacture are CPA compliant as we will print the MICR line including all the banking details plus all the relevate corporate details such as Company name and address and bank address.

Most corporations also take this opportunity to have us print their corporate Logo on the cheques to help maintain proper Branding across all printed products. We will often print full color logos on the cheque stub, plus print a phantom corporate logo on the two additional stubs.

Blank cheques are the second type of corporate cheques used and are commonly utilized by companies that have one centralized accounting department that process cheques for various different bank accounts. This style of cheque offers cost savings vs Pre-printed cheques as companies will utilize special software programs that allow them to print all the details for all the different companies they own on the same blank cheque stock.

This reduces the need for them to inventory multiple sets of cheques for each corporation they operate, instead the software along with special MICR Toner allows them use the same blank cheque stock for any and all bank account numbers they have and the software will print the correct bank account for each company as entered in their accounting system.

Whether you need pre-print or blank corporate cheques please give us a call and we can help you during this process.