8 Benefits of Laser Cheque Printing

15 June 2014

It’s never been a better time to be out with the old and in with the new. When it comes to issuing cheque– whether you manage day-to-day finances at home or have a business that issues numerous cheques a day – there is no longer a need put pen to paper. Simplify the cheque production process with laser cheque printing, a tool that allows users to customize a cheque’s information and appearance, while cutting down on the costs and hindrances of pre-printed cheque stock. Not only is this option secure and reliable, it’s replacing yesterday’s practises with the direction of tomorrow.

Here are 8 benefits of Laser Cheque Printing worth ‘checking’ out:

1. Fraud Control

For as long as the hand-written cheque has been around, criminals have been able to perfect the craft of cheque fraud. Whether it be copying cheques or washing them – in which details from a cheque are erased and rewritten – fraudsters have proven to be cunning in their abilities. Laser cheque printing has numerous safe guards, from security features in the paper of secure blank cheques to software precautions that include passwords and security keys. Positive pay systems can also be utilized to ensure the bank has a record of issued cheques.

2. Save Money With Laser Cheques

Laser cheque printing can save you money

Avoid costs associated with pre-printed cheque production and eliminate the need to buy and store pre-printed cheque stock. By using laser cheque printing, you can free up inventory space and money. Rather than paying personnel to process cheques, use laser-cheque printing to free up their time for other important duties. Additionally, workplaces that rely on bursters, decollators and other post-processing equipment can eliminate the expensive tools in exchange for a simple, streamlined option.

3. Increased Productivity

Take advantage of various software settings to make the cheque-printing process as efficient as possible. Change printing formats to print more than one cheque per page, utilize an automatic cheque-signing feature and send cheque to multiple printers. You can also opt to use blank pressure-sealed cheques, creating a ready-to-be-mailed document and eliminating the need for envelopes.

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4. Ease of Use

Give that hand a break! Not only does the laser-print option ensure your cheques are legible, it is far more efficient – especially for companies that issue a substantial number of cheques on a regular basis. Simply load the paper into your compatible laser printer, and you’re ready to go. Letting a printer do the work requires less supervision and review, and frees up some time to focus on other important matters.

5. Keep it Current

As soon as you move to a new home, your pre-printed cheques become outdated. The same is the case when changing financial institutions or becoming married and taking a spouse’s name. Why throw away irrelevant cheques when you change your address or your business gets a new logo when you can look to blank-cheque stock to easily update those personal details. Save yourself the hassle of ordering and waiting for new cheques when you run out, and push aside any concern of pre-printed stock being left out in the open or being stolen. Say goodbye to the extra effort – and responsibility – of storing, maintaining and tracking individual cheques. With laser cheque printing, you no longer have to worry about where you left your cheque book.

6. Laser Cheque Customization

Laser cheques are easy to read and pleasing to the eye. There is little chance of information being misread, and the overall look is a professional one. That professional touch will not only reduce human error when writing and reading your cheques, but it will help give you and/or your company credibility. A clear, typed font appears official and allows the issuer to hide a potentially messy, illegible scrawl. Choose from different types and colours of paper, and personalize your laser cheques by manipulating the logo, client name and financial institution. Blank cheque stock also has various offerings, including cheque on top, cheque in middle, cheque on bottom, three cheques on page and pressure-sealed cheques.

7. Accessible

All the components you need to start and sustain a laser cheque printing operation are right at your fingertips. Most office supply stores carry the necessary items, such as paper, toner and software. Or look online, where shoppers can find a large selection of supplies and suppliers, which makes choosing the perfect purchase that much easier.


Laser cheque software also has the ability to print MICR cheques. The font for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition encoding – referring to the line found at the bottom of all cheques – is offered through software, and can be printed at one’s home or business by using a compatible laser printer.

It has proven to be faster, easier and more cost efficient, leaving little reason to not make the switch to laser cheque printing. Bring your office – whether it is at home or in the corporate setting – into the 21st century by utilizing all this technology has to offer. Not only will you save time and effort hand-writing your cheques, but those you issue will never fail to look clean, sharp and professional.

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