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The Cuban Experience

Join us at our Bar and taste LI's best Mojitos.

In your glass is a marriage of exotic colors and an inviting sparkling liquid essence. The look almost makes you want to just admire the drink, but then the aroma, a blend of rum & lime with fragrant hint of mint draws you in and demands that you taste this exquisite beverage.

You close your eyes and take a sip and suddenly you are transformed to a land of vacation, music, beauty & elegance. Yes, the taste of sweet and tart is soothing to your palate and you have to remind yourself you just came to THE CUBAN for drinks and a great meal. But why get rid of the fantasy? No, this is what luxury SHOULD be…This should be your life EVERY DAY!

Your mojito is only the beginning….

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Authentic Cuban Dishes

Let THE CUBAN'S dishes dazzle your taste buds

We create authentic Cuban cuisine that combines traditional flavors with a flair unique to our restaurant. Dining at The Cuban is not just eating. We want you to experience the ambiance, smells and sounds of a luxurious Cuban club. Let us take you away from the worries of the day and into a world of elegance and beauty.

Live Music

Every Friday & Saturday!

Those who come to sip cocktails will enjoy our exotic drinks. We serve classical as well as flavored mojitos. The Cuban will become that “go to” place for you and your friends after a hard work week.

As if that is not enough, The Cuban will feature live entertainment that will have your foot tapping and your voice humming. We look forward to you forgetting all your cares and worries when you visit us at The Cuban. Come on down, sit, relax and enjoy the experience!