Blockchain and Software Engineering Training - for individuals, corporations and higher educational institutions

TheBlockCamp is proud to offer Coding Dojo’s proven industry-tested in-person immersive software development program in conjunction with blockchain and Ethereum training powered by the Consensy’s Academy.

Programs we Offer

Blockchain Bootcamp

Blockchain Bootcamp

In this 15 week program we will transform you into a self sufficient developer where you will master professional software development using the MEAN and Python tech stack along with the skills necessary to develop blockchain applications.

Experienced Programmers

Experienced Programmers

Already have at least one year of experience in an OOP language? Then you may qualify for this fast track program which is designed around the professional developers needs. In only 4 weeks, you will have developed an industry grade blockchain portfolio.

Blockchain for Business

Blockchain for Business

This is a one day seminar where executives, managers, consultants and technologist will learn about blockchain technology, current business use cases and where this blockchain technology is headed. You will gain the confidence necessary to guide your decisions making process and learn the impact of this technology on your industry.

About Us

Our mission is to offer a world-class software and blockchain education to the motivated and passionate few.

Education has always been one of the best investments that you could make it your future. But for too long, the higher education field has let a lot of students down. Students are graduating from colleges with an alarming rate of student debt and often cannot find a job in their chosen major, because they are ill-equipped for the real job market and no one has held these institutions accountable. This changes… now.

Everything in TheBlockCamp is designed with one goal in mind — your success. Our curriculum and training partners have trained thousands of students with industry tested program. Teachers are chosen who are notonly passionate about your success in the technical arena, but who also want to help you develop professionally. We take a daily pulse on thejob market and list many job opportunities on our website in real time. So, when employment factors change in the job market we are one of the first to know and can respond with lightning speed.

So, if you are motivated and passionate about this technology we want to talk to you.

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Why is Blockchain so important?

Who's developing on the Etherium Platform

This is a partial list of Fortune 500 companies and startups that are currently developing projects using the Ethereum plartform.

In addition there are more than 25 governments around the world who are spending considerable resources to determine how blockchain technology can improve the lives of their citizens.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events.

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