LaboratoriesDept. Library
Lab NoName of Lab Major Equipments and Software’s
1Embedded system LabMultisim Education Version 10:10 station Node-locked
Orcad 9.1
Matlab 7.1 with Signal Processing, Control system, Image Processing , Communication Tool Box 10 User
2PG LabNetsim version 10 Academic(UG)10 User
Netsim version 10 Standard (PG/Ph.D)
Wireless Communication Trainer Board
Keil MCB2929U-ED with JTAG Adapter
UE-MCLS Mobile Communication Trainer
DCLT-014/015 Advanced Laser Communication Trainer
3Instrumentation & Control system labMicro Strip Antenna Trainer
Microwave Test Bench(G B)
Microwave Test Bench(K B)
4Communication Engg LabUnderstanding LED Television kit
Understanding LCD Television kit
5Analog Electronics & Design LabGW instek Dual Trace Oscilloscope 30Mhz
GW instek DDS Function Generator
6Project LabSignal Generator
UPS 3 KVA Renutron
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
7Power Electronics & Network LabSpectrum Analyzer
Digital storage Oscilloscope 100Mhz
Dual Chanal Color Digital Storage Osc. 25Mhz
8Electrical Engg. LabFunction Generator / Pulse generator
Rectifier Unit
3 Phase Resistive Load
Transformer 1 Phase & 3 Phase

Embedded system Lab

PG Lab

Instrumentation & Control system lab

Communication Engg Lab

Analog Electronics & Design Lab

Project Lab

Power Electronics & Network Lab

Electrical Engg. Lab


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