LaboratoriesDept. Library
Lab NoName of Lab Major Equipments and Software’s
1Surveying LabTotal Station,Dumpy level, Planimeter , Theodolite
2Applied Mechanics 1. Universal force table apparatus
2. Jib Crane Apparatus
3. Beam Reaction Apparatus
4. Bell Crank Apparatus
5. Flecture’strolly Apparatus
6. Centrifugal force app
3FM Lab 1 & 2Tilting Flume, Turbine test rigs, Major & minor loss, Venturimeter-orificemeter
4SM LabUTM (40T & 100T), CTM , Impact Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine
5GT Lab 1 &2Direct shear strength test equipment
Consolidation test equipment
UC test equipment
Triaxial test equipment
SPT equipment
CBR test equipment
6TRE LabDuctility Testing Machine, L. A. Abrasion Testing Machine
7CT LabCTM 200 T
UPV Testing Machine
Rebound Hammer
Rebar Locator
8Computer Lab/CAD1. PC – Total - 49
2. Lap Top - 2 Nos.
3. Printers
4. Scanner Lumex – 1
5. Logitech Web Camera
9Geology Lab1.Electrical resistivity meter
2. Optical microscopes
3. Rocks and Minerals
10EE LabDigital Spectrophotometer
Conductivity Meter
pH Meter
B.O.D. Incubator
C.O.D. Digester
Respirable Dust Sampler
Jar Test Apparatus

Computer Lab

CT Lab

Drawing Hall

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab 1

Geology Lab

GT Lab 1

GT Lab 2


Survey Lab

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